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FAQ: Development

Stephens Creek Crossing

Home Forward’s development department creates new affordable housing and renovates our existing affordable communities. Its design, construction, relocation and financing experts work continuously to put our organizational values into practice. At any given moment, the development department typically has $50 to $100 million worth of construction efforts underway.

Every development project presents multiple opportunities to advance racial and social justice. Key areas of focus, and the associated questions we ask ourselves, include
  •  Where are we building?

  • Who are building for?

  • Who are we partnering with?

  • How are we engaging with existing residents / impacted communities? 

  • Where do opportunities exist for residents / impacted communities to affect development decisions?

  • Are the companies that receive contracting opportunities through development work  owned by women and people of color?

  • Are people getting construction jobs  women and people of color?

Development staff blend public and private funding to build and renovate affordable housing. Private funding, typically from tax credit equity, comprises about half of a project’s budget.

Development selects architects and general contractors through competitive processes. These processes focus on firms’ costs, proposed approaches, past performance, and demonstrated track record of advancing racial and social equity.

Yes.  Home Forward always looks to reduce buildings’ energy and water usage and minimize their carbon footprint. Our projects commonly achieve third-party green building standards that require performance audits. 

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